Thursday, May 26, 2016

What Really Happens Behind the Camera

I would love to say I am the next Karlie Kloss or Gisele, but then I would probably not be writing this post. The pictures for my outfit posts are not half bad but there is a little a lot of editing that happens and about 100+ clicks of the camera. My husband is ever so patient during this process and acts like it is totally normal to be snapping away pics wherever we may be. This is why our picture taking usually ends in me buying pizza and beer for dinner, but that is what I call balance y'all.

Anyways, while I would love to post an amazing outfit post I have been too dang busy (and tired) to get dolled up, find an outfit, and model away. Instead I thought I would share a bit of realness and pictures that can only paint a thousand words. So, for everyone's entertainment I present to you what really happens behind the camera:

#1- Thank goodness for granny panties that day.

#2-  At this point I realized how random it was to be in a parking lot popping bottles of bubbly.

#3 - It is truly a process y'all.

#4- Yup, that is washed up Kleenex in my pocket... 

#5- This is my 'no words needed' picture.

I hope this provided a little entertainment into everyone's almost Friday- woo hoo! There are few things more entertaining than scrolling through my pictures to find these beauties. But most importantly I want to thank my amazing hubby for all of his awesome (and sometimes awkward on my behalf) photography skills and his willingness to do this. Also, thank you to my friends and family who have been suckered into taking pictures to. Y'all rock, but now time to enjoy a big ol' glass of wine and start planing some outfit posts!


  1. Love this post. Mega props to your husband for being a team player.

  2. Hilarious!! Great post!


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