Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Inevitable: Turning into Your Mother

It is a moment in every woman's life that you will never forget, because you will be doing or saying something and suddenly think "I am turning into my mom". While we all deny it at first it is something that just happens with time and age. Maybe it is the circle of life and as we become adults we suddenly start to see these mom-like tendencies come out in us. It's not an insult to deny this so called natural occurrence, but there just comes a time and place in life you learn to accept it.

Maybe it was when I bought a house, got married, and started nesting that I realized that I was just like my mom. Or maybe it was when I realized not making my bed drove me crazy or when I noticed we started dressing the same. Either way there is no denying the inevitable that I am turning into my mom, and that is perfectly okay. So what makes me think this?

1. Our go to outfit is black tee's and blue jeans. We have a lot of fashion faux pas moments. 

2. When we want something it is "hell or high water" to stop us. Thank goodness for patient husbands. 

3. Even for a weekend trip we totally over pack.

4. Making the bed every day is a must. Yes, it is a little O.C.D..

5. Holidays are a big deal.

6. Birthdays are an even bigger deal.

7. We are 100% morning people.

8. Waffle House hash-browns makes any day better. The more grease the better.

9. We have too many freckles to count. 

10. When we love, we love big. 

My mom loves me and my siblings more than we will ever know. I know we have irritated the crud out of her sometimes (and still do) but she did pretty good with us. She made quite the rock star mom! 

Mom, I hope this Mother's Day you can enjoy a perfect day full of Waffle House hash-browns and pretty peonies in your garden! 


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