Thursday, April 7, 2016

My Friday 5

Hello Friday, you look so good! This girl has a bottle of wine calling her name in the fridge, but with a list of to-do's about a million miles long. Productive Megan coming at you! At least it's the weekend and beautiful weather is in the forecast.

1. Thanks to this little baby for keeping me in check!

2. The bottle is chilled and calling my name... 5 o'clock I am coming at you!

3.  My workout gear is collecting a little dust, but next week is a new week.

4. A little tech savvy Megan for you! Two thumbs up for the Apple Watch so far.

5. Pink, pink, and more pink makes for a beautiful front yard.

This weekend I am starting on project- master bedroom. I think I finally found some furniture, woo hoo! It's been a project in the waiting, so I am more than excited to get this going. What are you up to this weekend? I hope it's something fun!

In case you missed last week's My Friday 5.

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