Wednesday, April 13, 2016

How Megan Gets Her Zen On

How To Find Zen

Sometimes life gets a little crazy and sometimes life gets a whole lotta' crazy. Well, life got crazy over the last few weeks. Often times I would find myself jumping aboard the crazy train but over the last year I have been into this whole better body, better mind, better spirit attitude. The Chinese proverb for this new attitude is what we call zen. No, you won't find me humming to myself and staring off into the distance in a total trance because I am way too A.D.D. for that. Instead you will find me getting my zen on a few different ways, so let me share my ways:

1. I pour myself a big ol' glass, or two, of wine.

2. Rearranging the furniture oddly makes me happy. Feng shui, anyone?

3. Retail therapy always seems to be a quick and easy fix. Probably not approved by the pro zen-ists?

4. Find my way to the closest Starbucks and order the usual Grande Chai Latte. Ordering a Venti usually means sh*t has hit the fan or I am dead tired.

5. Throw myself in a piping hot tub accompanied by the first zen way, wine of course!

6. Go find Bo dog, throw on my sneaks, and enjoy a long stroll. Bo finds his zen by eating every earthworm along the way (yuck!).

7. Crawl in bed and catch up on Grey's Anatomy via On Demand. Usually this includes a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and/or wine.

8. And sometimes to get really zen I actually do yoga but that sometimes turns into just watching the yoga YouTube video.

My zen ways may not be approved by the professional zen masters out there, but they sure do work for me. How do you find your zen?

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