Thursday, April 28, 2016

Clinique 3 Step Review & Results

Clinique 3 Step Review

I have never had perfect skin but I got so stinking close, and then I turned 27. I am not sure if my hormones changed or I started drinking too much Merlot or eating too many french fries, but my acne  problems reappeared. I was breaking out with cystic acne on my chin and cheeks and I was developing little bumps on my cheekbones. Quickly, the hunt began for the right skin regimen. This time I sought out everyone I knew with great skin for their advice. After asking several people from age 25 to 75 the most overwhelming answer was Clinique's 3 Step

At first I was a little hesitant because this was definitely nothing new to the market nor groundbreaking technology, but then I realized it's been around forever for a reason. I went to my closest Clinique counter and had the technician survey my skin. After answering a few questions and looking closely at my skin I was told that I have Combination Oily Skin: Type 3. The technician set me up with my 3 Step and off I went. 

Two months later and I could not be any happier. My skin has never felt or looked so good. At first, I was addicted to washing my face because after following the 3 Steps (cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize) my skin felt clean but more refreshed than anything. It took a few weeks for the tiny bumps on my cheekbones to disappear but the cystic acne was gone almost immediately. I have gotten a zit or two along the way but more due to diet than actual skincare. 

The best part of the Clinique 3 Step is that it is so easy and simple to use. As my skin changes over time the program can change with my skin allowing me to stick with a regimen. My mother in law has been using Clinique for 20+ years and her skin is amazing, and one of my coworkers is 72 but looks 60 and swears by Clinique. Looking back I wish I would have started using the Clinique 3 Step years ago because I am really impressed and satisified with the results. After trying about a million different products, from harsh acne pads to soothing facial masks, I can say that the Clinique 3 Step has been a game changer! 

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