Friday, March 11, 2016

My Friday 5

After being gone a few weekends in a row, with a quick trip to Dallas thrown in, I am ready for a weekend at home. Not to mention I am a single lady this weekend as T travels for a bachelor party! I wonder what sort of trouble Bo dog and I can get in to.

1. Soaking up the last bit of sunshine before a rainy weekend. I am loving these warm temps regardless!

2. What protects diamonds better than dinosaurs?

3. I've been told it's all about a balanced diet. Life is full of hard decisions.

4. Allergies...psh! Just go around breathing in this miracle working eucalyptus.

5.  If my weekend had a crystal ball this is what you would see.

Not to worry, there will be no trouble made by Bo dog and I. To fight away the rainy weekend blues I have my nieces coming for a visit. A little niece time. some blog writing, and a low key weekend will do the soul some good.

In case you missed last week's My Friday 5.

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