Monday, March 28, 2016

Feel Good Vibes for Spring

Spring Vibes

In Alabama, it's officially Spring when everything starts to get this light dusting of green stuff we call pollen. It's everywhere from your car to your patio furniture to my little white Bo dog (seriously, I can't make this stuff up). While it sounds like I am complaining, it's far from that because Spring is when the feel good vibes begin. The warm weather starts creeping in and the sunny days get longer. Who doesn't love when Spring comes around?

So, today I am sharing some of my feel good vibes for Spring:

1. All of the flowers and trees start blooming making for the prettiest scene you've ever seen. Only if those white blooms from the pear trees smelled as pretty as they look.

2. Shorts and dresses start becoming wardrobe staples- pale legs and all. Luckily, my photo editor has a nice tan feature. 

3. Our backyard is filled to the brim with blooms after a visit to our local nursery. This is where I act like I know what I am doing, but I just throw plants together hoping they'll survive until July. 

4. I have a cute rosy nose from all the nose blowing and my eyes look all glossy when they are in fact itchy as F. Oh allergies, you get me every time. 

5. Eating healthy becomes a little easier and I start to crave  order more salads. Bikini season is right around the corner and Kayla Itsines is blowing up my Instagram feed.

6. Thirsty Thursdays begin at the local baseball games. Which totally cancels out #5 but I'll just eat one $1 hot dog instead of two... and maybe one less beer.

7. Wedding season is in full swing and who doesn't love free booze and a little dancing? 

8. Bo dog and I can get out and enjoy long walks in the park without freezing our tails off. Then he comes home, passes out, and has a cute little snore because he is all congested.

9. Sitting on the patio of our local Mexican joint becomes a weekly date night tradition. Hello queso and margaritas! 

10. My house undergoes this wonderful thing called Spring Cleaning. Call me a clean freak but this is the best feeling e v e r! 

Happy Spring y'all! What are your favorite feel good vibes for Spring?

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