Thursday, March 10, 2016

27 Is The New 21

As my younger sister prepares for that magical week called 'Spring Break', I suddenly have nostalgia. Oh, to be 21 again!  I think back to how 27 seemed so far away. For kicks and giggles, I rounded up my sister and a few of her friends to get a perspective on what 27 means to them. So sit back and enjoy! 


 "20 going on 27? Thinking about 27 years old makes me actually want to throw up. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a way that makes me surprised I can even make it through life another 7 years. First off, being 27 means I'm most likely going to be engaged and there are a lot of issues in that itself. So that's why I'm going to choose the hypothetical single life path.

I wake up at 7:30 a.m. for my Public Relations job for a non-profit making enough to sustain life, but happy. At 8:00 a.m. I'm still in bed wondering why I still haven't gotten my life together at 27. Then I put on my "sexy" business suit to impress the hot, frat boy intern who is 5 years younger than me. He keeps me young with his douche-like comments. I'm late as usual because I don't see myself ever not being late so I drive into work and pay the $25 parking fee because it's totally worth the extra 30 minutes in bed.

I chat it up with my co-workers and get the latest gossip on everyone's life before taking over my non-profit's social media. I also make sure to suck up compliment my boss on his new tie, but not in a flirty way because he's totally not my type. I check my Twitter then move over to my company's. Will Twitter be a thing in 7 years? Anyways I skip lunch because I woke up late and forgot lunch and I'm balling on a budget (still waiting to meet my sugar daddy).

1:00 p.m. meeting and I'm leading the communications team to collaborate a new campaign on how to engage users on social media sites. Of course, I agree with all the hot intern's ideas. Since it's Friday, I decided to leave work around 3:00 p.m. to catch happy hour with my friends. While waiting to be seated, I check my sorority's GroupMe because I miss those girls. Everyone is posting pictures of their babies and engagement rings. I post a picture of my $4 64 ounce margarita... Life is good at 27. 27 is the new 20, right?"


"When I'm 27, I think my main concern will be the weekend. Well, I guess besides my big girl job. But being stressed out all week will definitely call for a drink. Then again, it may be the complete opposite. If I'm working all week out in the real world maybe I'll just need a glass of wine and some sleep.

When I'm 27 I hope to have a boyfriend or I may start to stress a little. Maybe a dating website? Just kidding, I refuse to use one of those. I do hope to be at least thinking about a family. So unfortunately my day of darties (for the 27 year old's this is a day party)  will sadly have to come to an end. Although whatever I am drinking on the weekends will be fancy. I can't wait to ditch the Nattys and pick up the Cosmos."

Katie (a.k.a. Little Sis)

"I always look up to you as my older sister and think how great of a role model you are. Your life seems so put together because you have a husband who loves you and a great job. Needless to say, you have your life way more together than I do. At 27, I hope that I have a man who wants to wake up next to me every morning, or you know, puts me to bed when I've had too much to drink. I'm hoping that I will be living it up as a flight attendant and seeing the world. Maybe I can afford to buy the French version of a Big Mac in the Paris airport. I don't see kids in the picture, because heck at 27 I am a child. 

By the time I am 27, I hope to know what drink to order at the bar. Like does a girl ordering a vodka water with 3 limes scream alcoholic? Is there anyway to avoid red wine teeth? And does a Bud Light seem frat-like? All in all, I hope by the time I'm 27 I am not taking life too seriously, but I can't forget that 30 is right around the corner."

So as I sit here with my Bud Light at 27, I think to myself not much has changed except for my much earlier bed time and long ago Spring Break days! So have fun on Spring Break gals and enjoy the college days. 

Tune in for part two of this post... it only gets better. 

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  1. These crack me up. Mostly because I would have said some of the same things!!!! Then, life happens. I was married AND had TWO kids at 27. Give them that info to throw them for a total loop. And no.... This wasn't 20 years ago. They will ask. ���� I hope their great PR jobs have maternity leave.... Ya know, just something else to stress out about. I would probably have the drinks ready. They are gonna need it after this. Hahahaha!


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