Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weird Things That Happen When I'm Alone

At 27, I truly appreciate my alone time. It's the sacred little time when there is quiet throughout the house and I realize there is no one else around (except for Bo dog). At this point, I realize any and all moms are thinking she has no clue, but I am soaking up this precious time of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love being with family and friends, but my alone time is like a little precious jewel. It's during this time that some weird things may happen too. There is something about knowing no one is around to judge my weird behavior so I am sharing a little inside peek of what happens when I'm alone: 

1. My closet becomes my haven and the bedroom becomes a runway at New York Fashion Week. With the help of T-Swift in the background and a big glass of wine, I find all sorts of magical outfit combinations.

2.  I sit in front of the mirror and treat my face as though it's a science experiment. After lots of picking, pulling, scratching. and tweezing, I realize that I've done more damage than good.

3. Or I go the other way and finally decide to test out all the make up and hair product I recently purchased. Sometimes I come out looking like a prom queen and sometimes I come out looking like a hot mess.

4. Bo dog and I hold serious life conversations. He is great at giving advice in return for a belly scratching and by advice, I mean a tail wag in agreement. 

5. I start cleaning my house. The weird part being that the broom suddenly becomes my dancing partner and the scrub brush a microphone. 

6. Suddenly, a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon becomes a great way to spend my time. I prefer this with a glass of wine in hand and a box of Thin Mints by my side. 

7. After one too many clicks on the "next page" button I finally hit checkout. Thank you free shipping because 5 Nordstrom boxes would've been expensive!

8. Pinterest and I become one. Then hours later, I have convinced myself that we need to renovate the kitchen, redo the landscaping, cut my hair into a bob, and I am going on an all juice diet. 

I really love my alone time. It's a time when a girl can really be herself and let loose! How do you entertain yourself when you are alone? 

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  1. Ha! I love that you have life conversations with your dog...I'm in the same boat! I talk to my dogs all the time. Living with my boyfriend, I don't get a whole lot of "alone" time anymore, but when I do, my favorite thing (as boring as it may seem) is to stream or Redbox a movie that I know my boyfriend wouldn't want to watch. I curl up with my pups and make some champagne sangria and it's just an all around good time! Haha :)

    Samantha |


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