Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Skin 101

Winter Skin Routine

Winter is officially here and the cold weather followed! This time of year, I always need extra TLC for my skin and that means a regimen change. My poor skin is suddenly lacking its summer glow and suddenly starts to dry out which leads to peeling. I recently read about W.U.D. from one of my favorite bloggers (The Daily Tay) and it basically describes how every girl feels once winter hits.

Every winter I usually find myself caking on makeup, picking at little bumps, and having extra chapped lips. This is the year of change! I am embracing my winter skin by taking care of it and so far, my skin has never looked better. So I am sharing my regimen with y'all today by breaking it down into my morning routine, night routine, and spa day routine.

Morning Routine: In the morning, I need a simple routine since I'm usually running late. I am guilty of wanting to use harsh products that dry out my face because I am so conscious of getting nasty zits. This year, I put a stop to that bad habit. I start by using a gentle cleanser in the shower. Right after the shower, I use a pore refining toner just in my t-zone that I apply with a cotton ball. It's great to use these products right after you shower because the hot water really opens your pores to help clean them out. I prefer a light moisturizer in the morning because I usually apply my makeup shortly afterwards.

clear skin routine

Night Routine: My routine before bed has become pretty habitual and I am a little O.C.D. about it.  I have been using these products for my night time regimen for at least two months and my skin looks amazing! I start by taking off all of my make up with make up remover wipes and I wipe down my neck too because you can never be too clean! Next, I wash my face with my beloved Clarisonic Mia and the same face wash I use in the morning. If I don't use my Clarisonic for a few days, I can tell a difference in my skin's texture. I have used all the different brushes but right now I am loving the Radiance Brush Head because it's so gentle. After washing my face, I wipe it down with an acne pad that contains Salicylic Acid because even at 27, I break out. Next step is a heavy moisturizer to battle that winter dryness. I started using the Aveda Botanical Kinetics Rich Creme and I am in love! Not only does it smell and feel like heaven, but my face is glowing now. I just finish this off with a little  eye cream because you can never start too early. 

winter skin routine

winter skin routine
Clarisonic Brush

Spa Day: Yes, I understand this sounds a little diva-like but Sunday is spa day. On Sundays, I like to have a no make up rule to let my skin breathe. In the evening, the pampering begins. I start by washing my face thoroughly with my Clarisonic and face wash with extra hot water to help open my pores. Then I lather on my favorite mask to get deep down into my pores. I usually climb my way into a hot bath while waiting for the mask to work its magic. After I take my mask off, I put on some moisturizer. I mix two drops of Miracle Oil with about a quarter size of cold creme then slather my face, neck, and chest. This time of year, I put a little extra Miracle Oil on my lips to help keep them from getting chapped.

winter skin routine

There is nothing better than a clear, glowing face, especially in the winter time. A good moisturizer and my Clarisonic is my secret to amazing skin.  What's your winter skin regimen?


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  2. Omg! Loved loved this post! Always questioning good regimen and good products... I just got a Clarisonic this past Christmas and I'm loving it! Going to copy your wash and other products! Thanks for bloggin!!

    1. Ah yay you will love your Clarisonic. The moisturizer by Aveda is a little expensive but totally worth it!


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