Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Anti-Diet

Easy Diet Ideas

It's official. I can not stick to a diet program to save my life. After wasting about a hundred dollars and lots of time, I've realized that this girl has to keep it simple. I mean like ABC's simple because this girl ain't giving up margaritas or Reese's Cups anytime soon. Nor do I want early mornings that consist of making a protein smoothie or juicing kale for dinner just to find myself starving an hour later.

I will say that it is amazing when I change a few lifestyle habits. Quickly, I don't feel like a puffer fish or have skin that mirrors a pepperoni pizza. So this year, I am trying an anti-diet which involves a few simple lifestyle changes. I am not in the market for dramatic weight loss or anything, but this is a new healthier lifestyle. It will help me get more lean and have a few less skin problems caused by binging on French fries or leftover Christmas chocolates.

So what does this anti-diet entail? Well, I have broken it down into two simple parts: what I drink and what I eat.

Healthy Drinks

What am I drinking?

1. H2O is like magic! We all know water has all sorts of helping powers like aiding digestion, helping you to feel full, increasing productivity, and most of all, helping you burn fat. So this girl is amping up her water intake.

2. I catch myself not drinking a whole lot of water during the winter so this is when I turn to Bigelow Pomegranate Green Tea. Green tea is full of helpful antioxidants and it counts toward your water intake.

3. I am officially obsessed with sparkling water and I feel so fancy while drinking it. Plus, I am hoping this lime flavor will help kick my Sprite cravings which has been a success so far. Less soda and more water is always a win!

4. Lemon water is the king of detoxing. It's proven to help flush out all those nasty toxins in your body, plus it helps keep your skin blemish free.

5. Apple cider vinegar may be harsh but it's a tummy flattener and so much more. It's an acquired taste since it's similar to taking a shot of tequila, but I am trying a new recipe this year to help cut down the acidity.

Bento Box

What am I eating?

1. One of my goals for 2016 is to eat more fruits and veggies. I am a carb loving gal and hate that fresh produce goes bad so quickly so I am fixing this by making sure at least two meals a day include fruits and veggies.

2. A big step for my healthy lifestyle and budget is to make my own lunches and not hit up the Taco Bell mini CrunchWraps. I am trying Bento Box lunches that are easy to prep ahead of time, plus the name is so fun and sounds like a healthy lunch.

3. I am an amazing grocery shopper, slightly in part to my shopping addiction, but my execution in shopping for meals is not so great. This year I am making a menu for the week to help with meal planning.

4. Vitamin B has always been a friend of mine and I promise it helps with those extra 5-10 pounds. I am bad about not taking it every day and I can tell when I haven't taken it in a few days. This year I am going to be better about taking it daily, even if that means getting a daily pill organizer that grandmas use.

5. They say your overall health starts in your gut! Well, I am taking action on getting probiotics in my diet since these are what keeps your gut clean. I eat yogurt every morning which helps, but this year I am taking it one step farther and going to start taking a probiotic supplement or enjoy a drink.

This year, I made it a goal to have a healthier lifestyle to feel better inside and out. What are some of your health goals?

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