Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Vacation Hangover

Vacation Hangover

There are many reasons why we all love to vacation. Whether it be tropical, road tripping, adventure or big city touring, it is in our blood to have a little wanderlust. T and I are lucky to enough to just return from a few days in Washington, D.C. The weather was beautiful, the food was delicious, and we saw all The Capitol had to offer. Now we are back to reality and "The Vacation Hangover" sinks in. Okay, you are probably thinking what in the world is this, are you crazy Megan? Well here are the following symptoms:

1. A sudden sleepiness from not being able to sleep in every morning, or enjoy the casual cat nap.

2. The realization that your bed does not magically makes itself, nor produce chocolate mints at night.

3. A sadness from not being able to buy the extra pair of shoes at Zara, due to limited luggage space.

4. An extra 10 pounds, especially in the midsection, from consuming unusual amounts of food.

5. A sudden hungry feeling at breakfast, lunch, cocktail hour, and dinner from consuming abnormally large meals.

6. The realization that not every dinner comes with a fancy cocktail.

7.  A feeling of nerves being pinched and/or irritation from the buzzing of a cellphone or ding from an email.

Okay, so returning to the real world is not that bad, but nothing beats vacation. Whether my toes are in the sand or on the steps of Capitol Hill, I love the rejuvenation vacation brings. The first day back always stings a little but then you get back into the swing of things. Luckily for me the weekend is right around the corner!

In case you were wondering what wanderlust is see my post here.

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