Monday, December 7, 2015

30 Before 30 { My Bucket List }

The birthday weekend officially came to an end last night and I am now the big 2-7. There was champagne bottles popped and a little fiesta get together. At the end of it though, I am officially in my late twenties and 3 years from 30. Time seriously flies the older I get.

I have said to myself or others so many times that I am going to do this or that before I turn 30. Well girlfriend, the clock is ticking and my bucket list is just sitting there. So time to put this Bucket List together and start my 30 Before 30.

Here it Goes:

1. Travel to Italy

2. Make pasta in Italy

3. Take a calligraphy class

4. Perfect a cocktail recipe

5. Try hot yoga

6. Experience a white Christmas

7. Master my photography

8. Spend a Saturday movie hopping

9. Become a wine snob

10. Go deep sea fishing

11. Buy a designer handbag... Louie maybe?

12. Take a girl's trip to Napa Valley

13. Perfect my Mac n' Cheese recipe

14. Read a classic novel

15. Watch a meteor shower

16. Attend the Kentucky Derby

17. Learn to sew

18. Go camping

19. Visit Epcot's Wine and Food Festival

20. Have 800+ viewers a day on my blog

21. Become a hair curl pro

22. Take a floral design class

23. Visit New York City at Christmas

24. Take my sister to ride an elephant

25. Take a cooking class with my husband

26. Throw someone a surprise party

27. Light a Chinese Lantern and make a wish

28. Buy a stranger a meal

29. Build a dream closet

30. Be somewhere fabulous on my 30th birthday!

What's on your bucket list? I can't wait to share these adventures with y'all!

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