Monday, November 16, 2015

The "Dawg-Gone" Tradition

Every year November rolls around and everyone begins to prepare for their annual Holidays and traditions. Well around our house we include the University of Georgia versus Auburn University football game as its own tradition. For 8 years now we all gotten together for a day of tailgating and football. Rain or shine, hot or cold we pack our coolers and head on to cheer on our teams. Some of the group prefers barking and others choose "War Eagle" as their cheer, but we all agree that the day will be an ongoing tradition. The best part of this tradition is that all of my people are together for a weekend of fun, and well that just does the soul good. See the thing is that when you are with your people you can count on lots of laughs and good times. That is why I love my friends and family, and the "Dawg- Gone" Tradition.

So what does this "Dawg-Gone" Tradition include? Well here is a quick rundown:

1. All of the roomies will be reunited. It's like nothing has changed over the last 4 years of not living together! Seriously sometimes we think we are still 21.

2. My family will be there and it's our own little family reunion. A bit redneck but that's okay! Just as a note I think my mom is trying to yell "Go Dawgs"in this pic.. what can you do?

3. Rumchata will be served and  even before an 11 AM game.

4. My Aunt's birthday falls on or around this weekend, so a birthday celebration is always partnered with a tailgate. Her birthday wish came true this year with her team winning.

5. The Sunday following always looks like this. While I am not the cutest sleeper I thought I share my cuddle buddy from yesterday. It's amazing what a 3 hour nap will do.

It stinks that we have to wait a whole 365 days for this celebration again but it's well worth it. There is nothing better than a weekend with friends and family and football. Throw in a few Bloody Mary's, cold beer, music, and French Onion Dip and you have one put together tailgate. No matter how old we get I hope this "Dawg-Gone" tradition always continues!


  1. That looks like a total blast!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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