Friday, November 6, 2015

My Friday 5

Happy Friday!!! This last week has been a doozey with the time change. It's been crazy playing catch up with life and work from being gone last week to. Although I have to say I would love to be back in Colorado Springs drinking wine fireside right now! Maybe next time Bo and T can tag along.

1. Speaking of wine, I am digging this bottle of Middle Sister Merlot. A little 'wine fairy happiness' sounds pretty good to me!

2. The red cup made me do it! The Christmas candle found it's way out but I promise it has not been lit.

3. Oh there's that cross-body I have been looking for! It's amazing what a little organization does.

4. I may need to join an addiction club for Rosemary scented soap. Seriously I can't stop washing my hands and then sniffing them. Is that weird?

5. I love when my Stitch Fix dress is totally in sync with my jewelry. I felt oh so cosmic in this dress.

This weekend I am catching up with some friends and neighbors! Both of which are way overdue. Weekends at home are good for the soul and this will definitely be a good one. In case you missed last week's My Friday 5


  1. Middle Sister Wines rock! They are among my very favorite wines.

  2. They do rock!! I love their wines and the labels always make me smile.


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