Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I've Got the Travel Bug- Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Jeep Tour

I wish these pictures could come to life and show you how beautiful Colorado Springs was! To be honest I knew Colorado would be pretty but I didn't know how breath taking it was going to be. I felt so in tune with my inner Mother Earth and just wanted to be outside as much as possible. This trip was for work but I was fortunate to have lots of time to explore Colorado Springs. Another plus, I love all the people I work with and we had quite the time! From being stung at the bar to exploring in a 4 X 4 Jeep to staying at the beautiful Broadmoor Resort this is a trip that I will never forget.

Our first day was spent with meetings in the morning and Jeep touring in the afternoon. There is never all work and no play with us! This Alabama blood got a little cold with with the rain and altitude, but nothing an attractive poncho and wool blanket can't fix. We toured up an old railroad (tunnels made by dynamite included) to see some amazing views and waterfalls. Then we rode over to Garden of the Gods which graced us with a beautiful rainbow. The rock formations were nothing like I had ever seen. From skinny formations to tall formations to balancing formations they were all unique and amazing in their own way. Because my inner child came out the balancing rocks were my favorite and provided many photo ops! 

Colorado Springs Jeep Tour
Photos by Libby Rice
Colorado Springs Jeep Tour

Garden of the Gods Balancing Rocks

Day Two was an afternoon of fun and an evening of the yummiest meal I've ever had. We ventured into Manitou Springs which is right outside of Colorado Springs. After a lunch of Mexican a handful of us went to see what the famous "Incline" was about. Well let me tell you it's a 2,000 foot hike straight up a mountain. I included a picture from below and would love to show you the top, but I wimped out! I made it about 500 feet and realized the queso from lunch was not going to mix with this hike. The good news is that I found some amazing artwork on the sides of buildings and decided to share my favorite buffalo with y'all. 

Manitou Springs

The night was capped off with an amazing dinner that included Dirty Martinis, lamb chops, and great company! After dinner we went to the Golden Bee for Moscow Mules and to be stung drink by drink. With every drink ordered the waitresses threw a fun golden bee patch at you. Needless to say this was quite a fun night! 

Broadmoor Resort

Day Three made for our last day and there was not much on the agenda. I finally got to experience the beautiful Broadmoor Resort. My morning included a bagel and a facial. The spa was unbelievable and left me feeling quite rejuvenated. I mean I was a little dehydrated and my skin was a tad dry from the um... altitude of course! The resort could not be more breath taking and my room was something from a fairy tale. Every corner you turned had a view that just made you love Colorado Springs even more.

Broadmoor Resort

It is safe to say this will not be my last trip to Colorado. Going in October was the most perfect timing, but a Holiday trip with some snow sounds like perfection. There were so many things left to do and see from Pike's Peak to Seven Falls to another trip to the spa. In the spirit of feeling extra motivated conquering the "Incline" is on that list to. I am in love with Colorado Springs and can't wait to venture back with T in tow!

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