Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Stitch Fix #7 - October

Let me just start by saying my stylist Lauren is amazing! This Fix was not like any other Fix that I have seen from other bloggers or friends. The pieces were so fun, unique, and a perfect fit for my style! As soon as I opened the box I noticed all my favorite trends for this season: flare, fringe and plaid. See this is why I love Stitch Fix because all the pieces are unique, but can be as trendy or as classic as you want.

In my notes I had asked for 70's inspired Fall pieces and that's exactly what I got. Also, my Pinterest board is the best way to communicate with my stylist and she definitely pays attention. I also love to see what other bloggers receive in their fixes to get ideas of what is out there. For example I am already dreaming of this grey vest found on Becky & Brittany. A tiny bit of homework goes a long way in getting the most of your Fix.

Before we get started on October's Fix I am sharing my 3 easy steps to get your first Stitch Fix - if you have any questions feel free to ask!

1. Stylist Notes- This is the most important part of Stitch Fix because this is how you communicate with your stylist. I always tell my stylist about any upcoming events I have or specific items I am wanting to try. Pinterest is another great way to show your stylist what items you may be interested in. 

2. Order Your First Fix- You can order your Stitch Fix every week, every month, or every year! Just fill out when and how often you would like your Fix delivered. For each Fix there is a $20 Styling Fee but you can use that $20 as a credit towards any purchase. So I recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially throwing away $20, and nobody wants to do that! 

3. Decisions, Decisions... - Now you have your Stitch Fix and you are dying to see what is inside. What 5 exciting pieces are in that box? My tip is try it all on because you may fall in love after! Trust me I have done this plenty of times. You have 3 days to choose what to keep and send back. The items you want to return are placed in the pre-labeled UPS bag and put in your mailbox. All that's left is to login to your account to tell your stylist what you kept or returned and why. 

Let's get started on October's Stitch Fix! Feel free to Pin any of these images for your stylist.

Fate Kayden Faux Suede Fringe Jacket (Returned) : Alright after much debate, and by much debate I mean I tried this bad boy on 10 times, I returned the jacket. So I already own a faux leather jacket almost identical, but oh that fringe! Well point being I own a jacket just like this and I could not justify keeping a look alike. I miss you already fringe. 

Stitch Fix Fringe Jacket

Stitch Fix Jacket

Octavia Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf (Kept) : Do you like cute and fuzzy and warm? Well if you do then you would keep this scarf to. It's made of comfy fleece-like material and the perfect amount of warmth. I have a feeling this little baby will be worn way too much! 

Stitch Fix Scarf Plaid

Collective Concepts Elisa Faux Wrap Dress (Kept) : I am a dress lover and this dress was the apple of my eye. The colors are amazing and the fit is perfect! Before I even tried this beautiful number on I knew it was staying. I see me rocking this dress quite a bit in my future!

Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

Stitch Fix Wrap Dress

Skies are Blue Tab-Sleeve Blouse (Returned) : I'll be honest I was on the fence about this blouse, and I am still indifferent about plaid on me. Since I wasn't 100% in love I couldn't keep it. I think I am just coming to the conclusion that plaid and I will never work out.

Stitch Fix Plaid

Stitch Fix Plaid

Goldie Flare Jean (Returned) : So I totally asked for flares in my fix and my stylist delivered, but these were just a little big. Plus I own a pair almost identical that I love and just can't replace yet. These were a perfect pair of flares so I am sorry it didn't work out between us!

Stitch Fix Flare Jeans

Stitch Fix Flare Jeans

October's Stitch Fix had pieces that will become staples in my wardrobe. I am loving the dresses that I am receiving and need to branch out with more denim requests. If you are interested in trying Stitch Fix I highly recommend it because I am in LOVE. Once you and your stylist get in the groove of things it's like this amazing friendship. I love my letter from my stylist Lauren almost as much as I love my Fix.

If you want to see the Fix where I kept all 5 pieces you should check out September's Stitch Fix.


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    1. Ah thanks!! I've already worn the scarf twice :)

  2. My faves are the jacket and dress. That would have been a hard decision to return the jacket.

    1. I know!! It was a little sad to see it to go. The dress is my new favorite though!


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