Thursday, October 1, 2015

Sharing My Biggest Fear

 Everyone has fears right? Some are bigger than others, some are silly and some just scare the bejesus out of you! I mean it's safe to say I am scared of the dark, falling backwards and spiders. Those are all  just childish fears that just get my adrenaline pumping. My absolute biggest fear in the entire world is losing my ability to talk.

Sharing My Biggest Fear

Okay, I know totally one dimensional and a little selfish, I'll admit it. You are probably thinking seriously Megan? The thing is my Chatty Cathy attitude is what makes me, well me. I have never been scared to talk to a stranger in my entire life or even a brick wall. If anything I am scared of silence just ask my husband. I once told an old boss my fear and he just giggled, because while he had never heard this before he knew it was fitting for me.

The thing is I have never once met a stranger in my life whether it be in the drive thru at Starbuck's or checking out at Lowe's. Even when I grocery shop I find my favorite check out lady because we love to catch up! Needless to say I am quite the extrovert and talking with others is how I express myself. I experience life through talking with others and this is when I feel most happy.

I could not imagine if I ever lost my ability to speak because it would be losing the biggest piece of who I am. I know this is a bit mellow dramatic but I really think I would feel lost in the world. There is sign language and good ol' pen and paper to help me communicate, but my expressive ability would be gone. Long gone would be the days of my infamous rants or making up words to describe something or just a good pillow talk.

Although the above is all text written in a blog which makes it is another form of communication it's just not the same. Human interaction through talking is what makes me all fuzzy inside. Totally silly I know, but everyone has something that makes them who they are and that Chatty Cathy attitude is mine. To break it down, plain and simple, I love to talk!

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