Friday, October 16, 2015

My Friday 5

Hallelujah it's the weekend! I see some sweatshirt action in my future and maybe a little baking. Girlfriend has been craving some apple pie and I may need to fulfill this craving. With a beautiful weekend in the forecast and it will be the perfect ending to a crazy week.

1.Someone knows it's the weekend, well and that he is the cutest pup in town.

2. Stitch Fix #6 looks a lot like fringe, flares and Fall!

3. Auburn will always be in my heart, even when I feel a little old walking around campus. Oh to be 21 again...

4. These kicks have been getting a lot of action. Like I said, I refuse to turn into a pumpkin.

5. A little vino with a little read-o! Drinking wine and dreaming up my itinerary for Italy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and gets a taste of Fall. It'll be a little cooler here so a Pumpkin Spice Latte may be consumed this weekend. In case you missed last week's My Friday 5 .


  1. I'm eager to see what's in your latest Stitch Fix!

  2. I am posting next week :) It was a good one!!


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