Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Just a Few Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

I think we have all been there, sitting with our significant other and asking "what do you want to do?" Then the infamous answer of "I dunno, what do you want to do?" And your response is usually something along the lines of "I don't know." Seriously though it's pretty stinking common. After working all day or week my brain cells are fried and thinking of a date night idea is something that I just can't bear to do. So that's why I am here help! Here is my list of just a few date night ideas.

1. Have your own tailgate this weekend. Fire up the grill, throw out Cornhole boards, and turn the football games on the television.

2.  Go for a hike. I mean quite literally! Why not spend the day enjoying nature at its finest and get a little workout in.

3. Check out tours for your local brewery or winery. They are usually no more than $15 per person and the best part is the samples at the end. No brewery or winery? Check out a tasting or pairing from a local restaurant or wine and beer store.

4. Invest in a fire pit and have your own bonfire. A bottle of wine, s'mores, and a fire... does it get more romantic?

5. Anyone can go out to dinner but try a progressive dinner. Go to a different restaurant for each course of the meal. Make it interesting and try different cuisines for each course.

6. Check out your local happy hour spots and venture out to try new cocktails or beers.

7. Build something together! I have a whole list of Pinterest projects that could use a little hubby help.

8. Go to the driving range and show off your skills or even a little Putt Putt action.

9. Do a little Wanderlust-ing together! We love traveling so why not go to your local book store and check out the travel section. You could even try a Google search or break out a map.

10. Have a Movie Marathon with all your favorite childhood movies. Who can resist Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Toy Story? Pop a little popcorn (with M&M's mixed in) and voila!

With a weekend at home we may have to check one of these date night ideas off the list. I see a little driving range action in my future! Share some of your favorite date night ideas in the comments or use #linensandleggings.

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