Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I've Got the Travel Bug- Savannah, Georgia Edition

It was the weekend of love in Savannah, Georgia! T and I went to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and our friend Dru's beautiful wedding. Needless to say it was such a lovely weekend, no pun intended! Like any vacation it was full of lots of food, yummy cocktails and plenty of time touring the city.

There is only one word for Savannah- quaint! T and I spent our first full day pondering through the Historical District and making our way to the beautiful Forsyth Fountain. The Historical District of Savannah was definitely beautiful and full of history! You could spend the entire morning pondering to all the town squares and walking the cobblestone streets. There are plenty of unique shops along the way and historical churches to visit

Now to my personal favorite part of vacation, I experience my travels through food and drink. Remember this girl eats three full meals a day and I believe culture is experienced through taste/my belly. Plus all that walking around had me quite thirsty and a bit hungry.

A little tip to Savannah is that River Street runs parallel to the Savannah River, hence the name. Many of the popular restaurants are found here, as well as bars. They have an open container law which is pretty important in experiencing multiple places. Of course a Bloody Mary was up first followed with these little baby Solo cups. These precious cups were found at Treylor Park which was definitely a favorite for their chic Trailer Park theme. Another favorite place to visit was the Bohemian's Rocks on the Roof . The views are amazing looking over the river and the vibe is totally chic. My favorite spot to eat was lunch at Public Kitchen & Bar, and I had to show off our His & Her Drinks typical for T and I. As a little treat for, well nothing, I decided to splurge on these pretty little macaroons.

Our grande finale to the weekend was Dru's wedding at the Savannah Yacht Club. The views were amazing and the sunset was unbelievable!There was plenty of dancing to Shake it Off and eating of wedding cake which made this girl happy. Not to mention lots of our college friends were there and it was way over due we all get together.

Needless to say our trip to Savannah was the perfect little getaway. Any weekend with yummy food, delicious cocktails and good friends is great but in Savannah is better!

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