Monday, September 14, 2015

Four Little (and Simple) Tips to a Happy Marriage

Photo by J. Woodbery Photography

So I am writing this post about love and marriage because T and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past weekend. I know totally cliche right? We spent the weekend eating Italian food, enjoying Avondale Brewery and hanging with Bo dog. The weekend was absolutely perfect, but here I am sitting down to write this post and having the hardest time. My mind is like a little ping pong ball thinking of the things I could say or talk about but nothing seems to be love novel worthy.

Cuties from five years ago... so in love! 
Let me start by saying T and I met six years ago  and we were both so young (hint the picture above). I was twenty when I met T and had no clue what I wanted out of life. All I knew was that it was love at first sight for this girl. So here I am six years later scanning my brain for the perfect words or advice to define our "love story". The truth is I really don't have anything life changing or mind blowing to tell you. What I can say is that we have tried to live by the same four little tips since the beginning: 

1. Respect each other. We (try to) never yell or curse at each other. 

2. Enjoy one good laugh together every day. Even if it's over something totally childish. 

3. Experience new things together.This is how you grow together. 

4. Always make time for each other. You have to work at relationships and marriage. 

I told you it was nothing life changing. Every couple is different and probably has their own little tips and tricks. The thing is marriage is complex and has lots of different moving parts. It's not always easy but nothing great is. I am constantly falling in love with T over and over again. Our relationship will always continue to change and grow but that is what makes it so strong. 

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