Monday, August 24, 2015

The Summer Time Blues

August is like the Sunday of Summer, and sadly Summer will soon be gone.  The good news is according to the calendar we have a whole 30 days left of Summer. Every year it seems like Summer flies by and the crisp Fall air is here again. The Fall does bring great things like Football, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and stepping all over crunchy leaves. The truth is no one of those great things compare to Summer. I am a Summer lover in and out!

It always makes me a little sad when it's too cold to throw on shorts and flip flops or lounge all day by the pool. So earlier in the year I put a plan together to soak up every bit of summer- My Summer Bucket List. While I would like to say I have fully knocked this bad boy out that would be a lie! Luckily I still have a month left of sweet Summer time.

1. Eat at least 10 Steel City Pops so I can get my 11th free. I only have 9 left to go! {Check this off the list and add twenty more crunches to each workout}

2. I am determined to learn how to French Braid this summer, because there is nothing more chic than a braid in the summertime.  {After many a YouTube video I think I have, somewhat, accomplished french braiding. It's just not very pretty!}

3. I love cold beer in the summer! So a brewery tour of Birmingham is on the list.  Plus that would be a dream date for my husband. {Maybe a date for our one year anniversary? I hope he's not reading this in case it's a surprise :)}

4. Kayaking is on every Summer Bucket List so why change it now. {I have been paddle boarding and white water rafting, so I think this deserves a check off the list.}

5. Make my own salsa with all the ingredients from the farmer's market. {Does buying Salsa from the farmer's market count? Okay I know it's not the same, so I will attempt to knock this one out!}

6.  Fiesta, fiesta! Invite everyone over for a Taco Party and master my homemade Margarita recipe.  {Ironically enough we had a fiesta for the US Women's Soccer Game.}

7.  It wouldn't be a summer bucket list with out baseball. So on the list is a Baron's game for Thirsty Thursday, because like I said cold beer and summer go hand in hand.  {Okay, we have not been for Thirsty Thursday but we have been to 4 baseball games so far. I feel like this counts for something even though I didn't pay $2 for beers.}

8. Enjoy the free concerts this summer. I will attend at least one summer concert, and Echosmith will probably be it because it's a free concert which is awesome. {So I am honestly not sure this will happen but I am still attempting.}

9. I am itching to go fishing, so I am bound to make it happen! {Or maybe this should be my one year anniversary gift? Romantic, right? }

10. It's an ongoing craft list, but I will pick up my paint brushes again. I have a few paintings in mind already. {Luckily I have picked up my paint brushes several times.}

I can't believe Summer is coming to an end but I plan on soaking up every last minute of it. This past weekend was full of lake fun and this weekend I am headed to the beach! How can anyone not love the summer sun kissing your skin and the long fun-filled days. Tell me how you are soaking up the rest of your summer and share on Instagram using #linensandleggings. 

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  1. You made it farther in your Summer Bucket List than I did. I just posted an update of mine last week. Hopefully I can check a few more off yet.


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