Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Stitch Fix #5- August

Oh my Stitch Fix! It seems like yesterday I was receiving Stitch Fix #4 and tearing open the box like a kid on Christmas. Not to worry this Fix was done in the same fashion and my face lit up when I saw what was inside! My favorite stylist Lauren is back and she gets two thumbs up for this Fix. She must know that I have a serious obsession with stripes. By serious I think that it is the majority of my wardrobe.

All the fun colors in this Fix got me excited, hello gorgeous cobalt blue! I always mention in my notes that I want easy to wear pieces, and all 5 items were just that. High five to my stylist Lauren! For this Fix I told my stylist that I was going to be traveling a lot and had upcoming weddings to attend. I personally think she did a pretty good job in finding the perfect pieces! 

Before we get started I am sharing my 3 easy steps to get your first Stitch Fix - if you have any questions feel free to ask!

1. Stylist Notes- This is the most important part of Stitch Fix because this is how you communicate with your stylist. I always tell my stylist about any upcoming events I have or specific items I am wanting to try. Pinterest is another great way to show your stylist what items you may be interested in.

2. Order Your First Fix- You can order your Stitch Fix every week, every month, or every year! Just fill out when and how often you would like your Fix delivered. For each Fix there is a $20 Styling Fee but you can use that $20 as a credit towards any purchase. So I recommend keeping at least one item or you are essentially throwing away $20, and nobody wants to do that! 

3. Decisions, Decisions... - Now you have your Stitch Fix and you are dying to see what is inside. What 5 exciting pieces are in that box for me? My tip is try it all on because you may fall in love after! Trust me I have done this plenty of times. You have 3 days to choose what to keep and send back. The items you want to return are placed in the pre-labeled UPS bag and put in your mailbox. All that's left is to login to your account to tell your stylist what you kept or returned and why. 

Let's get started on August's Stitch Fix! Feel free to Pin any of these images for your stylist.

Le Lis Cotter Scoop Neck Blouse (Kept) - I was not this top's biggest fan at first, but we know that I can't turn down stripes. After trying it on I fell in love with the fit, because I can wear a real bra and it's slightly longer in the back. With a blazer or gray sweater it can transition into early Fall or even Spring. Plus the keyhole in the back is super cute!

41Hawthorn Moni Geo Print (Returned) - This was a cute top but I am not a stud fan (unless we are talking boys).  I really gave it a chance but the studs were just not working for me. I did love the color and the fit.

THML Kahlo Racer Back Striped Maxi Dress (Returned) - I am in LOVE with this dress! I pulled it out thinking that it was a total keeper. It fit perfectly until I looked down... and of course my height got me again. For $78 I could not justify keeping it and the possibility of the dress shrinking. I already miss you maxi dress!

Zad Caledonia Mixed Media Bracelet (Returned) -  I really like the idea of this bracelet but the colors were not me at all. The chunkiness was perfect and the clasp was easy, but it was not love at first sight.

Everly Barcelona Dress (Returned) - I definitely love Cobalt Blue. It is such a stunning color and it has become my new go to (outside of black). Shift style dresses are my favorite but the fit was a little big. Unfortunately I knew it would collect dust before I went to get the dressed altered.

With all the returns it may look like I was not a fan of this Stitch Fix, but that's not it! I loved this Fix but a lot of the items had fit issues. All I need to do is tell my Stylist in my Review and voila it will be fixed for the next Fix. The styles and colors were perfect and I can't wait for September's Fix. Maybe it's the heat but I am ready for Fall and I love shopping for Fall! Well actually I love shopping and buying clothes anytime.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix go ahead and give it a try. I would love to hear from you how it goes!

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