Friday, August 14, 2015

My Friday 5

Bad news is summer is winding down, which makes me slightly sad. The good news is that this week was full of good food, friends and wine!

1. Shades & Shakes!

2. Yes way rose! Piggy style.

3. Better late than never to jump on the beauty blender train.  

4. When you go to the grocery store and only come back with flowers...

5. When it's 98 degrees outside and only pink lemonade will do. 

I hope you have a tremendous weekend!  In case you missed last week's My Friday 5 .


  1. Love this all. Rose called "hogwash"?! I need this! I am always saying hogwash, where did you find this?

    1. Ah thanks so much! I found it at a local grocery store but I'm sure most wine shops have it.


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