Thursday, August 6, 2015

Living with a Boy- Tips from One Girl to the Next

I can't believe T and I will be celebrating our first year of marriage next month. Geez time flies when you get old! T and I have been together for 6 years which is 2,190 days for a bigger perspective. It feels likes yesterday we were in college or getting our first jobs or moving in together. It's safe to say the first big step in our relationship was moving in together.

It was almost three years ago that I came full force with my little dog, Bo, and all my stuff (including 3 boxes of shoes, armfuls of clothing, make up for days, etc.). We moved into Taylor's apartment in Birmingham which was our first little home.  At that point we were used to our ways and living alone but with a little work we figured it out. While I would love to say that I just moved on in with no hiccups, I would by lying. If I have any advice on living with a boy this would be it:

1. ESPN will probably be the channel of choice and the male is usually the ruler of the remote. Trust me, you will cherish those nights that you get to watch Real Housewives in HD in the living room on the big TV together.  

2. Girly decor meets bachelor pad is the new decor palette. I would love to say my house is magazine ready but until mini Auburn helmets and collections of beer mugs are in style, it ain't. There are some fights worth fighting and those prized possessions are not worth it. 

3. Your definitions of clean will never match up. I can promise this when it comes to either party. We just have assigned duties that we both have to get done, aka chores. Although I'm blessed with a husband who cleans bathrooms. 

4. Have a little privacy! Remember the bathrooms have doors and dirty underwear goes in hampers, or maybe those are my weaknesses. Mystery is a little sexy and not going to the uh, bathroom in front of each other may help. 

5. His sink will be covered in hair and you will be grossed out. My OCD habits include clean counters but my fix is his and hers sinks. 

6. Boys are messy, but so are girls. I am very lucky that T is pretty stinkin' clean, but there are times. I have to remind myself of those days of me baking or crafting or not cleaning up my dishes...

7. You know that shoe collection you have that takes up a quarter of the closet? Boys will never understand!  Just like we will never understand the ever growing koozie collection. 

8. Another pick your battles lesson was to get over the "one sip left in the milk carton but still in the fridge" battle. I am not sure if this is a boy or girl thing, but either way the containers found in the pantry or fridge aren't guaranteed to have much in them.

9. When you go to the bathroom at 2AM and you don't even know your first name always check to see if the toilet seat is down. Or even better learn to balance and not fall in!

10.  Learn to laugh about it! There were definitely times we tested each other but there were also lots of silly, small moments. We have learned to laugh at the small stuff and laugh off the big stuff. Life is too short. 

Whether you have lived with your significant other for 1 day or 20 years, I think these rules go for everyone. I would love to hear your helpful tips! 

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