Tuesday, August 18, 2015

DIY: Fiesta Picture Frame

It's safe to easy I have a million pictures of my cute dog, handsome husband and amazing wedding . So I am like a moth to a flame every time I walk into Hobby Lobby and the picture frames are 50% off. If I was a hoarder of any one object it would be picture frames.So when my sister came to me about creating a gallery wall for her room I knew any boring old frame wasn't going to cut it. Although, I am a professional at picking out picture frames. In a shopping rage we had come across a gorgeous empty frame and knew we wanted to make it unique. So we decided why not make a Fiesta Picture Frame?

All the supplies, except the frame, were found at Michael's but can be found at any craft store. Follow along for this super easy DIY:

Step One: Make Your Tassels 

There is no fiesta without tassels! So the first step is to make a handful of these. I wanted to have a total of 7, so I made 3 with the pink/orange twine and 4 with the pink thread. These were so easy to make and only took about 10 minutes. Start by twisting the thread around your four fingers until desired thickness. I did mine about 15-20 times. Next, gently slide the loops off your fingers and pinch at the top. You will want to cut a thread about 3 inches long to tie a double knot around the pinch. To make this a tassel you will want to cut the loops at the bottom, or opposite end of the knot. I did this for both the twine and the thread. 

Step Two: Scotch Tape Baby!

First you will want to cut the twine the exact length of the frame. Make sure you don't cut it any longer because the weight of the pictures will already make your twine a little bowed. I taped the first first end of the twine to the frame and NOT the other end. I used Scotch Tough tape for the hanging twine. I have used this for several picture frames, because it does not damage the frame but is still strong. I then threaded the three large twine tassels onto the loose end of the hanging twine. Once this was done I taped the loose end of twine to the other side of the frame. You now have the beginnings of your Fiesta Picture Frame. 

Step Three: Clip Those Pictures!

I used small clothespins found in the crafts department of Michael's. I hot glued the smaller pink tassels on to the clothespins. Why not make these a little festive to? I ended up having to trim the string on the pink string tassels to make them slightly shorter. Once the hot glue dried I was able to clip the pictures on to the twine and voila! My pictures were originally 4 x 6 but I cut them down to different sizes for contrast. It would have been cute to use an Instagram print service as well. 

Step Four: Hang that Fiesta Picture Frame Up! 

Once everything is taped, tassled, threaded and clipped you can hang your Fiesta Picture Frame on the wall. Ta Da you deserve a margarita now!

We made this for my sister's Pink, Gold & All Grown Up room. It was the perfect way to showcase fun pictures and be able to change them easily. You can always buy a picture frame but why not make it your own? If you have any questions about this DIY feel free to ask. I would love to see how you make your own Fiesta Picture Frame by using #linensandleggings .

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