Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breaking Down Beauty

Every time I turn around there is some new make up brush or beauty sponge hitting the market. These new products promise flawless results and that I will look like the next Karlie Kloss... okay maybe I made the Karlie Kloss part up but she's got the prettiest skin ever! The thing is there are so many options out there promising amazing results. So of course, like the sucker I am, I buy each new "miracle product". 

Well I am here to help you sister! I am hoping to save you time, and more importantly money, by breaking down the 3 most popular Beauty Applicators: the foundation wedge, the foundation brush and the Miracle Complexion Sponge (comparable to other blending sponges). As a note for this review I do want to share my make up routine. Usually I give myself about 15 minutes to apply my make up, because I am usually running late. My make up is pretty average and I am looking for a full all-day coverage for work, running errands, living life, etc. I use a full coverage foundation, concealer, sculpting contour stick and blush. So let's get started:

The Beauty Wedge : At one point and time I think everyone has used a beauty wedge. I think they have been around literally forever!
Pros: These bad boys are dirt cheap and easy to use. The best part is no clean up, because you can just throw them away when you are done.
Cons: These were originally made for foundation but they can be used for contouring. The problem is they are not great at blending. Another con to blending is the corners are never small enough to get around your nose and eyes. It is a sponge so it naturally soaks up a lot of your make up. Make up ain't cheap so that part really stinks!

The Foundation Brush: These can be a little bit more expensive, but I have found that a $18 brush works just as well as the expensive ones. At first it's a little bit of a learning curve, especially learning the right amount of foundation to use.
Pros: The brush almost gives an airbrushed appearance. I like my foundation to have a full coverage look and the brush allows me to accomplish that. It's also very easy to clean the bristles with hot water and baby shampoo.
Cons: When you use too much foundation you oftentimes get a streaky or cakey look. After application I sometimes have to go back through with a sponge, especially over my smile lines in my forehead. The foundation brush is only made for liquid foundation so it's not very versatile.

The Miracle Complexion Sponge:  I may have been a little late to the beauty sponge train but I am glad I waited. There are all sorts of brands out there but this one is only $5.99 and is just as great as it's more expensive sisters based on online reviews.
Pros: The shape of this sponge makes it's very universal for all applications. You can use it for foundation, concealer, contouring, blush and much more. This shows my lazy side but I love not having to dig for other applicators. It gives me a flawless look and my make up lasts all day-even in the summer heat. It also has a great price for anyone wanting to try a beauty sponge.
Cons: My OCD gets the best of me and it is not very easy to clean so I find this sponge becoming an expensive habit. The sponge is recommended for use when it is slightly damp. I don't know about you but storing a slightly damp sponge after use is not easy, especially when traveling.

The truth is I still love my foundation brush and use it on the daily. For the summer months it gives me a flawless and full coverage look that can't be beat! Lately I have been into contouring and I use the Miracle Complexion sponge for this. Until late I was using my finger for concealer around my eyes, but the Miracle Complexion sponge is much better... and cleaner. The end result is I just do not see my foundation brush and I breaking up anytime soon, but I can share my love with the Miracle Complexion Sponge.

I would love to hear if you have any tips on the beauty sponge or what your favorite applicator is!

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