Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Stay Cool, You've Got this Girl!

Twenty six is a weird age in the career world. You are this young adult but sometimes you still feel like that college kid running around in Nike shorts and a tee. There are some days where I would show up to work in Nike shorts and a tee if it was acceptable. Seriously when it's 90 degrees and you feel a little bloated and can't find anything to wear... Okay, sorry back to the point. You are now out of college and entering the career world. With that comes the excitement of interviews and conducting important meetings. I think no matter how old I get these will always me a little nervous.

I mean we have all been there sweaty palms, heart pounding and mind racing. It ain't a good place to be, but it's totally normal and kind of good. Adrenaline is healthy but you have to be able to keep it cool. So let's talk about keeping it cool during an interview or important meeting: 

Prep, Prep, Prep: Do your homework! You aren't going to an interview or conducting an important meeting for fun. It will go miles to prepare beforehand. Having done your homework and research will make you feel confident and that will show. 

Bring a Pen: There is nothing worse than not knowing what to do with your hands. You start moving them all over and they get all sweaty and then you cross them and then put them in your pocket... Your hands just don't where to go. The secret is to have a pen! Having something in your hands helps with those nervous hands.

Be Personable:  Don't be scared to be yourself! Okay there is a limit to this, but being personable makes everyone feel at ease. There is a sense of comfort in the room which will make you feel much more relaxed and focused. Make sure you remain professional while being true to yourself. I always try to make a small joke or  hold a conversation.

Smile & Wear Heels: Everyone looks their best with a smile on their face! The heels part is your Sasha Fierce, girl channel that inner confidence and those heels are the magic. If you don't have a pair of these magical shoes run, not walk, to your closest store. 

Practice (In Front of the Mirror): Always practice beforehand! I know this is cheesy but there is something about practicing your answers or presentation in front of the mirror. This may seem a little weird but I promise it helps. You will be able to see if you are doing anything distracting, for example saying like every other sentence or using your hands too much-both would be me. 

Remember stay cool, you've got this girl! If you have any other helpful tips I would love to hear them. 

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