Friday, July 10, 2015

My Friday 5

This week I was quite the road warrior. Between traveling back from North Carolina and work trips my Waze points are racking up! Despite the endless hours on Interstate 65 I have had a wonderful week seeing all my favorite people.

1. My friend Kacie just recently purchased a new puppy, and unfortunately he was a very sick pup but doing much better. In support of his cause she purchased this Paws for a Cause bracelet. #pawsforfrank

2. Traveling for work is even better when I get to see my family, especially when the night consist of Dairy Queen.  As you can tell there are no diets when I go home.

3. The best part about returning from vacation is being reunited with this fur ball.

4. Woo hoo for a Stitch Fix! I guess my stylist thought I was feeling a little black and blue?

5. So this is totally what seems like forever ago, but way to kick butt U.S. Women's Soccer!

In case you missed it here is last week's My Friday 5!

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