Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And the Livin' is Easy- North Carolina

A three day weekend is like a little piece of heaven, but a three day weekend in the mountains of North Carolina is heaven. T and I joined some of our friends in the mountain lush foothills of the Appalachians. Who knew that there was so much fun stuff to do on this holiday weekend? Well don't worry we filled our weekend with every little piece of fun you can jam into a weekend. Friends, brew hopping, white water rafting, puppy dog play time, grilling out, sparklers, ping pong, cheese dip making, card games, laughing, selfie sticks... may the list go on!

We stayed in a little town called Waynesville located right outside of Asheville. So of course with us being so close to Asheville we had to visit their infamous number of breweries. They have 21 breweries which is music to my husband's ears. Pour Taproom was definitely my favorite! Anywhere you can try over 46 different beers by the ounce and no line is like a beer fest every day of the week. They give you this super cool little bracelet that you magically wave over the screens above the taps then voila start pouring. I made a concoction of coconut ale mixed with vanilla porter to get a little crazy- it was delicious! Next we stopped at Wicked Weed for some food and well of course more brews. Look at that delicious cheese plate and I will never forget the boiled peanuts and homemade chips with french onion dip. My mouth is watering thinking about it. A few breweries later and we headed home! 

Saturday was definitely the best day after my anxiety of white water rafting calmed down.  I mean seriously it had been raining for days and those rapids looked intense from the road. After the first big splash of 48 degree water I was quickly on my way to having a blast. It was a little foggy and overcast but it made a great scene for Jurassic Park. Plus who knew those inflatable rafts could be so sturdy? I would highly suggest white water rafting because this will not be my last time, and look at how cute my hubby is rafting! 

We spent the rest of our weekend relaxing and celebrating America's birthday! Of course one night the  selfie stick was definitely broken out and as always makes for classic pictures. We had quite the photo shoot! Don't let me forget about this cute little puppy we had to play with. He enjoyed the cheese party and has quite the palette for sharp cheddar cheese. 

Our 4th of July weekend could not have been any better. A weekend getaway with friend's always makes for a perfect weekend. As you get older it gets harder to get everyone together, so when you do it's the cherry on top of a holiday weekend! I hope you had a great 4th of July and I am already looking forward to our next North Carolina visit.

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