Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Stitch Fix - June

There is something about that Stitch Fix box on my front porch that makes me feel like I am 5 again. It's almost like when Santa comes on Christmas morning. This box was definitely the biggest one yet so I totally ripped it open within 3 seconds! There were lots of bright colors and new styles calling my name. I could hear them saying, "TRY ME ON!"

See this is the best part of Stitch Fix, your home is your dressing room. I can try these items on at home which means I can pair it with things I already own and I can try it on 50 times. For those of you who may be interested about Stitch Fix, I highly recommend it. There are 3 easy steps:

1. Style Profile- This is the single most important detail of Stitch Fix and it's so easy! You fill out a survey of your likes/dislikes, body style, size, etc. Okay, that sounds overwhelming but it's really fun. Then you can send your stylist a note of what items you would like before each Fix is delivered- this is where my OCD/bossy personality comes out, sorry stylist!  I also like to fill my Pinterest board with different outfits or items that will inspire my stylist.  
2. Order Your First Fix- Girl, you can order your Stitch Fix every week, every month, or every year! Just fill out when and how often you would like your Fix delivered. For each fix there is a $20 Styling Fee but you can use that $20 as a credit towards any purchase.
3. Decisions, Decisions... - Now you have your Stitch Fix and you are dying to see what is inside. What 5 exciting pieces are in there for me? You have 3 days to choose what to keep and the items you want to return are placed in the pre-labeled UPS bag and put in your mailbox. All that's left is to login to your account to tell your stylist what you kept or returned and why.

Ta-da that's it! If you have any questions, let me know. So let's get started on June's Stitch Fix! Feel free to Pin any of these images for your stylist.

1. Mack Detailed Dress (Returned) - I loved the blue in this dress and the cut was so unique, but it was a tad big. It had a slip lining inside that was obviously too difficult for me to operate. I mean it looks easy, right? Don't let its cute button back and beautiful cut outs fool you! So due to the difficulty level of this dress, I had to return it. This could have turned out badly after a Happy Hour evening.

2. Tiana Crochet Bib Top (Returned)- I'm having a little bit of shopper's remorse on returning this top, but I knew it would not get the love it deserved. While it was a gorgeous top with beautiful details on the front, I knew that a big glop of food was headed its way. How do I know? Because I have a white tank that already shows the evidence.

3. Meyer Tassel Clutch (Returned) - I have a current love affair with tassels and clutches, but the teal was not me. While it was pretty and I am trying to branch out more, I knew that it was not meant to be. Unfortunately, my purse collection is taupe and black with no forecasted changes.

4. Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee (Kept)- You are probably thinking I kept the most boring item of this Fix, right? Okay, maybe not but I am. I just have this strong belief in basics and comfortable tees. This grey knit had all the requirements to become a new favorite.

5. Vail Striped Maxi Skirt (Returned)- This skirt was very comfortable and I am on the hunt for a maxi skirt, but this one was not it. I wasn't the biggest fan of the colors because for some reason I have become an anti-teal girl. It really is a weird color quirk that I have developed! The fit was great because it was actually long enough, but I just did not find myself sporting this skirt.

That sums up June's Stitch Fix and I have to say two thumbs up for sure! While I only kept one item there were two items that I hated to see go. If you are thinking about jumping aboard the Stitch Fix train, I highly recommend it! Your closet will thank you later.

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