Friday, June 12, 2015

My Friday 5

It has been a nice, humid summer week! The temperatures are rising and my sweet tooth has been out of control. Sweating burns carbs, right? This week was short and sweet, but full of little treats.

1. I mean seriously how stinking cute is this Mini Frappuccino? Anything this adorable and mini can't be bad for you anyways.

2. This tree makes me smile every morning on our walk. There is something totally Dr. Seuss- like with its funky blooms.

3. Okay back to the sweet tooth ...I know! Steel City Pops was on the menu this week and quickly in my belly. There is something about this cookie covered popsicle that is life changing. If you haven't tried it I better catch you getting one soon.

4. As you all know I am slightly obsessed with TSwift and I have been on a total TSwift kick lately. I decided to whip out old TSwift the other day, and by old I mean burned CD found out of the CD booklet collection. Oh, RIP LimeWire.
5. Guess who is going wedding dress shopping this weekend? My best friend Kacie and it's going to be so much fun. She is going to make the most gorgeous bride! Plus I get to meet her new puppy Frank- big yelp of excitement!


  1. Hi! New to your blog! The one time I went to get a mini s'mores frap to test it out, they were all out! So cute though.

    1. Welcome to Linens and Leggings! I hope you enjoy it. Congratulations on your new home purchase, I can't wait to read more about it.

      I'm sorry about your mini frap outage... That's never good! I'm a caramel girl day in and out, but pumpkin spice latte season is right around the corner :)


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