Monday, June 1, 2015

101 of Rompers

Finding a romper is comparable to finding the perfect jeans, basically it's not an easy task. I do believe there is a romper out there for everyone though. I hear you shaking your head reminiscing on that dressing room feat, but you know you love the romper because they are cute and easy to wear. Anything that is a one piece outfit is a winner in my books- except for when using public bathrooms but we will save that for another day. Plus as the summer temperatures creep up, a romper is the perfect choice for those hot days and nights.

So if you need a little help in finding your perfect romper here you go: 

If you are petite then a romper with a high waist and small pattern is perfect for you. Also look for one that has slimmer shorts and a little bit on the shorter side. You don't want the romper to overwhelm your small figure. Shop Here: Dress Up Summer Garden Romper  // Nordstrom Glamorous Strapless Sweetheart Romper

If you are curvy then a romper with little to no patterns and a cinched waist will be the best fit. Look for a romper with looser shorts and embroidery at the top. The cinched waist will give you the look of a smaller waistline and the embroidery up top will draw attention up towards your chest, but no low cuts in the front. Shop Here: Nordstrom Lush Cali Lace Trim Romper // Dress Up May I Come With You Romper (similar to one I am wearing in the picture)

If you are tall then a romper with longer shorts is a must. You can pretty much wear any style romper but the issue is fit because of being tall. I fall under this category so I often times go up a size for length and like the shorts to be a little longer. Shop Here: Forever 21 Beaded Self-Tie Romper (similar to one I am wearing) // Billabong Dancing Shores Print Romper

If you are a first time romper wearer don't be scared. Have fun with this style and try something in a solid color or even as a cover up. Listed are some inexpensive options- so go ahead, order that romper and try it out. Shop Here: Forever 21 Crocheted Leaf Print Romper // Target Crochet Tiered Popover Romper

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