Monday, May 18, 2015

My Skinny Secrets

In some ways you could say I am blessed with good genes. I mean my mom enjoys a pack of M & M's almost every day and she is far from being chubby. But then again I'll be the first to say I am not a perfectly healthy eater. I love Margaritas, peanut butter cups, fried Chick Fil A items...basically I indulge probably more than I should. Who has time to be perfectly healthy all the time and as my dad once told me " Life is short, enjoy the Twinkie."


So how do I keep from looking like a brick house? I have a few Skinny Secrets I want to share with you:

1. Exercise... and in the Morning! That 6AM alarm may sound like nails on a chalkboard but trust me on this. I literally roll out of bed throw shorts and tee on, but I am rocking the glasses and stinky morning breath. A brisk- get your heart rate up- 30 minute walk with the dog followed by a Tone It Up video will get that metabolism boosted for the day. Ever since I started working out in the morning I can tell a huge difference and it's the best way to start the day.

2. Eat Greek Yogurt! I love Chobani Greek Yogurt and should probably own stock by now. It is high in protein and full of probiotics. Get your muscle tone boosting and digestive system cleaning!

 3. Drink Lots of Water ... my magic number is 80 ounces of water. Your body weight divided in half is how many ounces of water you should drink. For every 30 minutes of exercise add 8 ounces more.

4. Drink Lots of Green Tea... you are probably thinking I go to the bathroom every 30 minutes, but I was blessed with a good bladder as well. Plus the amount of tea I drinks goes toward my 80 ounces of water goal.  Green Tea has all type of benefits and weight loss is one. There are so many yummy options now too. Here are some of my favorites: Tazo Tea Green Ginger // Celestial Sleepytime Lemon Jasmine

4. No big dinners! This is easy for me because I don't have kids and T isn't a big eater... like literally I don't think he eats sometimes but back to the point. Your metabolism slows down at night so you don't want to have a big dinner to digest. My goal is to eat a big lunch every day, so at night I can have something small. Maybe like a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or a Salad?

5. Super B Complex Vitamin has no scientific proof for weight loss but I swear by this stuff. It is reported to boost your metabolism though.  I have been taking a Super B Complex for 6 years now and every time I go off of it I gain 5-10 pounds. It could be magic or it could be science?

6. Motivate Yourself through several outlets. Some of the best ways for me is to set goals with rewards, and that usually concludes with me buying jewelry or clothing. I love Pinterest so I fill my My Feed with lots of motivation and different workouts-basically telling me to get off the iPad and workout. Tone It Up is another motivational resource that sends daily emails and fills my social media feeds. If you can't tell I have become somewhat obsessed with Tone It Up.

7. Do NOT deprive yourself  because then you binge, and binging is bad! I can't say that I am not guilty of this but no one can diet 100% of the time. Don't go crazy all the time but enjoy that margarita just try it skinny ,or remember a small Hershey kiss treats that sweet tooth.

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