Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Pinteresting List

Spring came creeping around a few months ago and I had a lot of Pinterest projects to refresh the house. I was completed inspired and while now it's May and oops... I have lots of supplies but no Pinterest projects to show. So maybe posting this will help me get motivated to finally tackle my Pinteresting List. Yes I have made that a verb!

Sitting in a closet is lots of shoe boxes filled with keepsakes from our trips and important events. While they may be organized they are not showcase ready. I loved the inspiration from Martha Stewart's Travel Keepsake Kits to help showcase these trips and events. I think a little Modge Podge and some scrapbook paper will add some more texture to these boxes.

The office has been in complete re-do mode and the bookcase needs a face lift because it's the odd man out now. I have a bookcase from Target that I love it but the black laminate is a total mismatch to everything else. With a little paint and some fabric I think I can achieve something comparable. Here is the 101 on the Eddie Ross Bookcase.

In normal Megan style I jump from project to project. In January I was in a total curtain zone for the house. 99% of the windows got curtains except for the master bath, but it does have fabric for a curtain. I am going to attempt this Easy Window Treatment: How To Make a Fake Roman Shade. As this blogger said I am about to get my fake roman shade on!

I have been on a man hunt for the right ottoman but it must be the right fabric, X-Leg, under $100, etc.. Needless to say my man hunt has been failing so DIY is going to be the only way. With a little help from T I totally think this DIY X-Leg Bench is totally possible. It'll be perfect for the office!


So we have this hideous file cabinet but it serves to be very functional. Basically it's not going anywhere but it is going to get a style makeover. I love this While They Snooze: File Cabinet Update and see this project in my very near future.

As my schedule slows down a bit on the weekends I hope to start knocking these projects out. What does your Pinterest list look like?

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