Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fashion Bloggers I Love

So I may spend a little too much time looking at different blogs, okay I spend a lot of time looking at different blogs. While my blog is more lifestyle related I do love a good Fashion Blog- my wallet not so much! This is a handful of some of my favorites and a little snippet of why. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. Also, don't forget to follow these awesome blogs on BlogLovin' :

1. Southern Curls & Pearls - Caitlin is from Charlotte and I absolutely dig her style, plus she has gorgeous hair! She wears lots of fun pieces that are quickly making their way into my closet. She is really good at mixing items in different price points, which I can appreciate.  I don't think there is one thing I have not liked from her #OOTD. Plus her accessories are always amazing!

2. The Darling Two - Well call me bias because I know these girls and they are fabulous! They are two best friends that no matter how many states separate them they still bond over their love for fashion. They show outfits that are for real girls and a real girl's budget. They are both career girls and one is a momma, so I know their outfits are both fashion forward and made for everyday life.

3. The Teacher Diva - It was actually my aunt who introduced me to The Teacher Diva to kick start my dream of blogging. She started her blog as a creative outlet and that is exactly what inspired me. The blogger Ashley has great style and I love the way she jazzes up basics. Her love for distressed jeans totally has me inspired right now.  

4. Sequins and Stripes - Liz Adams is absolutely contagious about how happy she always is! She lives in Chicago and even the freezing cold never got this girl down. I mean it will be 10 degrees and she's out taking pictures with a huge smile on her face!  She is extremely relatable and I love her style for where I am in life. I also love the Shop and Style Steals aspect of her blog. It makes it very easy to steal her looks!

5. The Sweetest Thing - Emily Gemma definitely makes me want to be a little more glamorous! I don't think it is possible for her to look bad even running to the supermarket. Her blog is a mix between beauty and fashion. She can rock a pair of heels, and wear any shade of lipstick, which makes her enviable of any girl. Pus her dog is absolutely adorable!

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