Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Friday 5

My Friday 5

1. Warm, Spring Weather- Bo and I are back to our daily walks finally. The sunshine is so amazing! Now if this pollen could please be on its way.


2. Spring Festivals and Margaritas- This weekend my friend Becky, from Becky & Brittany, and I are attending Mount Laurels Spring Festival then having a little Darty. Who's excited? This girl! I love a pretty Saturday to enjoy with friends and that may be topped off with a margarita.


3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume Eau So Fresh- Something about Spring always brings out my girly side. The description to this perfume is, " more fruity, more bubbly and more fun!" Reminds me of fresh flowers and Springtime brunches.

4. Fat Bastard Wine- I totally judge my wine by the cover, or um label. Any Merlot with the name Fat Bastard and a Hippo on the label is a go in my book. It's pretty yummy if I say so myself!

5.  Opening Day- No I don't really follow baseball and no I don't have a fantasy team, but the start of baseball season means summer is right around the corner. Plus T and I love going to our local AA team for a night out. A romantic date night that consists of cheap beer and hot dogs.

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