Tuesday, April 21, 2015

My Friday 5

My Friday 5

1. Despite the rain all week long I snuck outside to take a lunch break outside with green tea and a magazine. Does it get any better this? Don't worry there was food involved but the leftovers in Tupperware didn't photograph well. 

2. This is the grandma in me but I love when gardening season starts. So the selection may be small, well tiny, but it will be growing. The basil is going to find it's way on to many pizzas this summer and the rosemary... well I am not sure yet I just love the smell.


3.Flashback Friday for you! Can't wait to see these girls this weekend even if it won't be for too long.  Love my college roomies! #bff

4. A work trip is always best when I get to see my family. They know me all too well because it wouldn't be a trip home without going to my favorite Mexican joint. 

5. Okay so I was a little intimated by my kettlebell at first but not no more-hence the smiling picture below. Bring it on, because this thing is awesome for working out. These videos will torch some calories and tone some muscle: Tone It Up Love Your Body and KettleToning- Toning, Yoga & Kettlebells

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