Monday, April 6, 2015

Honeymooning 101


Honeymooning 101

Recently I was talking to my best friend, who is a bride to be, about her upcoming honeymoon. Needless to say she was a little overwhelmed considering she was also planning an upcoming wedding. Her answer went from Greece to putting off the honeymoon to the Caribbean. When we started our honeymoon search we had lots of dream vacations but here is how we choose Saint Martin and made it the perfect honeymoon! 

1. Research- T and I knew we wanted somewhere tropical and a resort that was not all inclusive. We looked at Fiji but being in an airplane for that long may drive me mentally insane. Then we looked at Mexico but everything we liked was all inclusive. Finally we decided on the Caribbean and found Saint Martin. We loved the history and culture of Saint Martin, it is French and Dutch, so it was a go! My point being that doing your research can go a long way because there are 100's of Honeymoon Destinations out there.

2. Spoil Yourselves-  Not so easy to say after spending thousands on a wedding but trust me on this! You will only have a honeymoon once, hopefully. So get that massage and go to a nice dinner every night! Although it was pricey T and I took a catamaran to Prickly Pear for the day. It is one of the best memories I have and Prickly Pear was absolutely breathtaking. We spoiled ourselves the entire week and I do not regret it one bit. Plus there is no diet on the honeymoon so enjoy every French pastry you can!

3. R & R - After landing in Saint Martin T and I went to a French bakery pigged out on brie and escargot then passed out for 6 hours. Point being that after your wedding you will be exhausted! We laid on the beach and relaxed almost every day. Our resort had kayaks and snorkeling gear so we weren't completely lazy. The thing is that your honeymoon is a great week to recharge your batteries with some Rest & Relaxation. Take advantage of no agendas because back to the real world when you get back.

4. Plan Before- This may tie into research a little bit, but include your honeymoon planning with your wedding. You know all those to do lists for your wedding? Well do the same for your honeymoon. For example, we wanted to go on an excursion so we did our research on the best excursions in Saint Martin and booked it before we left. Also plan to make a list of what to pack for your honeymoon. The days leading up to your wedding will be crazy so packing for your honeymoon will be a cluster otherwise-trust me T learned the hard way by forgetting to pack his favorite hat and boxers-somewhat of the essentials. That list will come in handy when you sit down to pack for your honeymoon to ensure you don't forget a thing!  

5. Don't Wait & Just Do It- While a lot of couples wait to do there honeymoon, and there is nothing wrong with that, I highly advise going right after the wedding. It goes back to that whole R & R right after you wedding. You are in such a newlywed bliss after your wedding and why not keep the happy times going with your honeymoon?

Coming back from our honeymoon was bittersweet but it was so amazing. Our honeymoon was a once in a lifetime trip and the newlywed bliss is amazing! So when planning your honeymoon remember it should be a dream trip and it's a celebration of your new marriage.

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