Monday, March 23, 2015

The Darty Doesn't Stop


The Darty Doesn't Stop

As my younger sister returns back from Spring Break and tells me all her fun stories, I realized something. My college days/youth are not what they used to be! How not only Spring Break is non-existent but the days of excessive day drinking and then being able to go out at night are almost non-existent. Do I still have a good time? Well heck yes I do! Do I get as crazy as I used to? Well heck no I don't! If I do it's very rare and usually the next day consists of laying in bed with a Sprite and bottle of Tylenol.

As the weather warms up, going out at 26 consists of what I call the Adult Darty. In modern slang, according to my sister, this is a day party. It's pretty catchy! This is a day of brunching-yes a verb- and finding a fun place to drink on the patio for the remainder of the day. This Darty usually goes from 3 to 7 drinks with a group of us leaving around 8 starving for pizza. The pizza aspect has not changed from college :)

There is something about brunch in your 20's that seems totally fabulous especially if you can find bottomless mimosas. Mimosas then turn into a Bloody Mary- which in college would only be found at a tailgate where an adult was handing them out for free. Then on to the next stop because brunching can take a few hours. Our local favorite is Avondale Brewery because of the great outdoor patio and it's a great local pick for everyone. There is nothing like a warm day and a yummy brew- geez I'm starting to sound like my hubby.

The company at this Darty makes the day that much better. Anywhere from a small group to a big group, it's always fun. Our friends from Atlanta came to join us two weekends ago and it made for the perfect weekend! And while now a days I am usually home by 10 or 11PM a Darty makes for a perfect weekend activity. The next day I am still productive and ready to prepare for another week of work. The grown up life is not half bad!

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