Sunday, March 15, 2015

Six Months & Marriage

Six Months & Marriage

This past Friday was 6 months from our wedding. Dang! I guess they mean it when they say time flies when you are having fun.

Honestly I really did not think it would be any different when we got married. To be honest T and I had been together for 5 years, owned our first home together and had been living together before that. We were pretty comfortable with each other and already in love. Although something did change... 

This may be weird but the "real-ness" of our wedding really did not hit me until I got our wedding pictures back. Two weeks later I was sitting alone going through these pictures one by one. I started noticing the way T was looking at me in each shot. There was a look I had never really noticed before, it was a look of complete admiration. It was a look from my husband who would love me no matter what, because from this day forward we were partners for life!

Marriage is not at all glittery and fancy. Marriage is picking out paint colors for the living room, grocery shopping together on Sundays and having someone to sit beside you on the couch after a bad day. I am no expert on marriage by any means but what I do know is that T is my husband and he's always got my back. When it boils down to it marriage it is about a partnership with your best friend.

The best marriage advice I ever received was, "As long as you can laugh together at least once every day you will always be happy together." This could not be more true, because no one can make me smile or laugh like he does. Even when T leaves the seat up every day or only a sip of milk in the carton there is an unconditional love. Six months in and I can honestly say that I love T more each and every day. Marriage is a bond and so much more.

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