Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh my Beauty Sleep!


 Oh My Beauty Sleep!

To be honest I have never had an issue going to sleep at night, but I really think this all because of my nighttime routine. By the time my head hits the pillow I am out! My husband on the other hand not so much as well as many others. So here is my nighttime routine to help kick that insomnia!

  1. Unplug!!! Turn off or put up the iPad, TV and iPhone. I like to pull out a good old fashion book or magazine. If I am the slightest bit tired reading will push me to the edge. This is hard especially those nights I haven't been able to check my Twitter Feed or watch the latest Scandal, but it'll all be there tomorrow. I charge my phone at night so I place my charger far enough away from the bed that I am not tempted to look at it. 
  2. Drink Tea- And no not caffeinated tea. I am a sucker for tea but I especially love SleepyTime Tea. It may be a placebo effect but the calming effect of drinking tea really helps me to unwind from the day. There is also Chamomile in the tea which rumor has it makes you drowsy. I always make mine about 8:30 right before I crawl into my bedroom for the night.
  3. Work Out!! It does not take a scientist to let you know that working out helps you sleep. My secret is working out in the morning because it gives me a good excuse to go to sleep early. Also, if I work out at night it takes me awhile to wind back down and then I have to shower which means I am all awake. By getting moving you won't be as restless when you lay down at night helping to you get those ZZZ's in.
  4. Have a Bed Time- Yeah, yeah at our age you don't need one but you do have an internal clock. Your body gets used to your habits and going to bed at the same time every night helps. Some call me a grandma but I crawl in bed at 9:30PM and lights out by 10PM. Usually by 10:10PM I am fast asleep because my body is used to this.
  5. Make it Cold- While this can make it hard to get up it definitely helps me to cuddle in. I turn down our thermostat to 68 and turn on the fan-high. I mean who can sleep in the heat anyways? Plus the humming of our fan is somewhat of a weird sound machine. The more comfortable you are the easier it is to relax and fall asleep.
Beauty sleep is no lie and it's extremely important! Some other quick tips, especially when I am traveling for work and out of my element, is nighttime yoga or even take a vitamin like melatonin. I hope these tips help you with your zzzz's!

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