Monday, March 9, 2015

Buying Your First Home- The 5 W's


Buying Your First Home- The 5 W's

It's hard to believe this picture was almost a year and a half ago. It feels like yesterday we were buying our first house and what an experience it was. Don't get me wrong we love our house but it is something you have to be ready for.

Who? Are you buying this house alone or with your significant other? Will you use a realtor? Are you willing to compromise on things like yard size, updates, number of bedrooms, etc.? Will you or your significant other do the negotiating? There is a lot of teamwork and communication involved in buying a home so make sure you are prepared. Even if buying you first home alone communication with the mortgage company, buyers, realtors, etc. is very important.  

What? This is your first your home so make sure you love it. We probably saw 50 houses before we settled on this one.  We had a list of wants and needs and that was very important to us. Make sure you do the same so your search isn't overwhelming. If you have a realtor this can be very helpful to.

When?  I know this may sound cliché but you will know when. For us we wanted to buy a house when our apartment lease ran up. We knew that we were financially ready and had done some research on what we could afford. We worked with a mortgage company beforehand so that we were preapproved when meeting with our realtor. We also had been referred to a realtor so that was extremely helpful.

Where?  This was the hardest part for us! We settled in a neighborhood right outside of the city. Where I would have been downtown my husband would have been in the country. Our neighborhood worked perfect because we have a yard that backs up to a mountain and we also have a greenway to walk our dog. While we were both headstrong on our "where" our realtor showed us both locations. She also showed us something in the middle which is where we ended up.

Why? Buying a home is not for everyone but financially it usually makes more sense. As a couple we were ready to plant our roots. While we know this is not our forever home it is our home now and we love it. Having our own place to call home is extremely significant to us! Plus the home decorator inside of me loves being able to paint the walls and change the light fixtures whenever I want.

Being in your twenties and buying a home can be somewhat scary and overwhelming, but that's the excitement! Once you buy your first home you'll have such a prideful feeling. We love our home and all that it means to us. So Happy House Hunting when that day comes! 

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