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10 Lessons I Learned from My Wedding

10 Lessons I Learned from My Wedding

As I see everyone getting engaged it's all so exciting! It really is a magical time and every bride to be needs to enjoy every second of it. So that's why I am sharing 10 Lessons I Learned from My Wedding. Hopefully when that anxiety bug comes creeping around these tips will help.

1. Hire a Planner or Coordinator- I hired a planner and it really took away all the stress! She was absolutely amazing and took care of everything from vendor meetings to venue floor plans. If a planner is not in the cards then a coordinator is a must. Let someone help you because when that big day comes you'll enjoy it so much more!  

2. Have everything done a month before the wedding- This may seem a little crazy but trust me on this. Lots of little things will come up the month before and you will be glad the big stuff is out of the way. I had everything done a month before and was able to get the little things done stress free. I was also able to enjoy my family and friends when they started coming into town.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff- I sweat the small stuff a lot so this not easy for me. The truth is at the end of the day if you are married then the day was a success. Plus I promise that all the small stuff will work its way out.

4. Delegate- Don't be scared to ask for help because people are more than happy to be of assistance. Even making tasks a group activity is always fun. My mom and her best friend came to help the weekend before with guest gift bags and favors. Not only did we have a blast we got so much done in a short time.

5. Start working out months before the big day- Don't start that diet and exercise regimen the month before! Start it now. The exercise will make you feel awesome and help with that bridal glow. Plus as Elle Woods would say "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy."

6. Have fun- Never again in your life will you get to go cake tasting, gown shopping, floral picking for your wedding. So soak up every minute of it because it really is a blast.

7. Trust your vendors- Thanks to Pinterest I had my entire wedding planned but unfortunately I left little creativity to my vendors. I had great vendors who were extremely creative. The few things that I left room for creativity I was absolutely floored. While Pinterest is a great source for ideas let it be just inspiration.

8. Don't over do DIY- I love DIY but that often leads to lots of time. At the beginning of my planning I started looking at DIY for decorations. Quickly I realized that I would not be saving much time or money by DIY. There are many times to leave it to the experts and this is the time. Plus don't be scared to ask questions and tell your vendors your budget!

9. Hire a glam squad- Who doesn't love to be pampered? You are going to have lots of pictures taken all day and you will want to look your best. Plus spending time with my bridesmaids while getting ready was so special!  I also highly recommend a trial run just incase that up-do and sweetheart neckline don't go together. After my trail run I tweaked a number of things including my jewelry and veil.

10. Plan a special moment with your groom on the big day- I choose a first look and did not look back. Your wedding day flies by and those special moments will mean so much. If you choose to not have a first look plan some time between the ceremony and reception for just the two of you.

I hope these tips help and that your wedding planning is stress free. Every bride to be needs to enjoy every moment of her wedding planning process! 

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