Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What's Your Bangle Story?

What's Your Bangle Story?

I am usually running out the door in the morning so my accessories always include the following: engagement ring, wedding band, favorite earrings and a random assortment of bangles. So the key when I am shopping is to buy versatile pieces and pieces I love. I always find it exciting when I get fun, funky pieces to add to the mix. Why not mix it up and wear a little variety?

It's not just a random stack of bangles either. I think my bangles say a little about me to. Starting from the top here is my bangle story:

  • My sister gave me the dove and I think it's to share a little bit of her peaceful nature with me.
  • The "Lovers Knot" is one of my favorite symbols. The timeless and forever meaning get my romantic side every time. Shop Here
  • The "M" was a Christmas gift from my mother in law as a fun piece to add to my collection.
  • The black David Yurman is a favorite because it was a special gift from my mom! I wear this one almost every day because it goes with everything . Shop Here
  • The "T" bangle is a new addition just for my wonderful husband. I love a simple initial. Shop Here 
  • The knot again! This is a Celtic Knot which is a symbol of infinity meaning there is no beginning or end. Shop Here
  • The "One of a kind Gem" was given to me by my best friend. This was a wedding gift from her and I wear it as a fun piece. Shop Here

Everyone has favorite jewelry pieces so why not start your own bangle story? It is a fun tid bit to start just for yourself.

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